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Canned yell PHOTO is TwitterAPI,, InstagramAPI,, image retrieval tool using flickrAPI.
Image about # Nagatoro posted on Twitter, Instagram,, flickr is displayed.

Image offending including adult and grotesquerie may be included in search results of canned yell PHOTO. When you use, please be careful enough.
In addition, canned yell PHOTO operator does not take all responsibility to be what kind of search results, contents either. Immunity from responsibility follows Terms of Use which Twitter, Instagram, flickr determine all about copyright and other rights. About the damage of offer, delay, change, interruption, cancellation, stop of this service or the abolition, user who occurred in conjunction with transmission and reception, exchange, outflows such as information data accumulated or disappearance, rights abuse of third party or other book services through this service or third party, we do not take responsibility at all. Canned yell PHOTO operator does not perform any guarantee including guarantee about integrity, accuracy, reliability, usefulness about information offered in conjunction with this service and this service. When we use this service, on search keyword, the search date and time, IP address may be recorded. But do not identify individual; again information to third party may not transfer. Recorded information may be used in contents of this service. (e.g.,: search keyword ranking)

Canned yell is form of new souvenir.
Unlike conventional souvenir, it is aim to have you become fan of the sightseeing spot.
We have you become fan of sightseeing spot,
We connect the thought and are souvenir to have you make yell (support).

A part of the sales is contributed to the sightseeing spot when we purchase canned yell,
We are made use for environmental maintenance or facilities maintenance of sightseeing spot.
In other words, purchase = local contribution becomes made shikumi.

If we purchase canned yell and wear passport art object,
As to thank you for local contribution and local charm sender
Special "discount" and "service" from affiliated store are received.

We post this experience on SNS and,
Presented canned yell, and experienced the same pleasure together; get and
We will collect canned yell and passport art objects of increasing various places in future and.

Wear passport art object receiving for two with important person
We intended to become the manager of advertising at sightseeing spot,
Please participate in activity to make new fan!