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derufinia music festival 2014 official goods

Metal relief

Handiwork and range
  • METALART relief
  • Plan, production
Processing method
Corrosion etching processing
Use purpose, use
Official goods for product sales in music festival venue
Introduction of product plan

It is official goods that we memorialize derufinia music festival 2014.
We made "crest of lion" relief in one of all four kinds of goods to sell in venue. It is available as bag, decoration and bookmark to accessory. Because delay of entry occurred at the time of import this time, we solved tardiness time by performing assembling processing that we planned by trust outside the company in a hurry in office. Music festival was the serious prosperity and, as a result, was able to have you please with customer by favorable reception that became sold out in a day even if you put to our goods.

Plastic bottle holder strap
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