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Example: metorikkusu

Novelty goods of watch

Plastic bottle holder

Handiwork and range
  • Plastic bottle holder strap
  • Plan, production
Processing method
Aluminum pushing out (holder part), sewing processing
Use purpose, use
Novelty goods of watch
Introduction of product plan

It is sales promotion product of watch "PRO TREK" of Casio.
As this clock was doing full-scale outdoor in concept, novelty goods planned thing in outdoor image, too.
We decided to adopt plastic bottle holder in quotient materials of image this time in the summer to use in event for summer.
It is goods that plastic bottle holder hangs plastic bottle and carries, but there are generally neck strap type to hang on neck and eggplant perception type touched at waist and bag in one-touch. We think that we were able to raise outdoor image by adopting carabiner in eggplant perception this time.

Plastic bottle holder strap
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