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Example: Certain advertising agency

Political party pin badge

Pin badge for PR to use by public information

Handiwork and range
  • Pin badge
  • Production
Processing method
Press molding + print processing
Use purpose, use
Pin badge to use in public information of political party
We ask about process that he/she asked us for

It is badge to use at part of publicity work of political party.
By request from customer, deadline became correspondence that there was not. Therefore we always decided to ask for limited express in Daio Manufacturing with business on shortest deadline. We asked including block copy raising from printed paper medium this time because there was not supply under version from customer. Trial manufacture production, mass production advanced smoothly together and of we were saved as they were in time for deadline of customer desired.

Badge of public information inflection of political party
Inquiry form Inquiry is East Japan 03-3876-1345 West Japan 06-6643-7801
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