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Approach to ISO9001

It lasted more than ten years and wrestled in improved quality since we did the certification acquisition for ISO9001:2000 age in Daio Manufacturing in 2001.
And we planned unification with ISO14001:2004 age version in order to work on environmental problem positively and, in the tenth year, acquired the unification certification of version and ISO14001:2004 year version in ISO9001:2008 year.

Organization name Daio Manufacturing
The first certification acquisition day December 11, 2001
The last certification update day November 5, 2016 (validity three years: on September 14, 2018)
Registration document number C2016-03234
Coverage All activities about "manufacturing management, wholesale of key ring, chain-formed accessories containing noble metal and parts"
Target establishment All five places of domestic establishments
  • The head office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Nagoya Office
  • Osaka Office
  • Misato factory
Examination register Perry Johnson cash registers tola
ISO9001 registration document

Quality management system (as for the growth of purchasing our growth) that Daio Manufacturing thinks about

Because out source does all production processes in Daio Manufacturing, management of purchasing becomes lifeline. We do not merely blame stocking subcontractor at the time of quality trouble occurrence, and it has you understand thing good for each other after all to improve quality and thinks about cause together and performs effective improvement by thinking about measures.
It is our joy to have you please when it was good to be able to make a deal with Daio Manufacturing from stocking subcontractor.

Way of thinking that inspection is useless

In Daio Manufacturing, we carry out inspection before acceptance inspection and shipment along standard of JISZ9015-1. However, we do not change in being bad anymore after quality goods, defective article has been completed even if we inspect no matter how much.
Not only we make efforts in inspection of completed product, but also make much of upper part of a river management to reach production process from design most in us and improve every day to provide high-grade product by quality standard of Daio Manufacturing which we cultivated in Japanese market for approximately 50 years.

All from person

All processes change by person. We make efforts in that we make much of employee most in Daio Manufacturing and improve quality and satisfaction of employee.
We put expense and time into education training and perform in particular continuously. We believe that, as a result, it is resolved by visitor deeply.
We think whether it is often that we are more careless, but a word of visitor becomes our energy source.

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