Approach to ISO14001

3R ((1) reducing (2) reuse (3) recycling) activity based on Basic Law for Establishing the Recycling-based Society prevents you from wasting useless resources by the making of active introduction of material which is kind to global environment and structure which does not produce defective article as a matter of course and aims at offer of "kind" product which was conscious of global environment.

Organization name Daio Manufacturing
The first time
Certification acquisition day
November 5, 2010
The last
Certification update day

February 22, 2018
(expiration date three years: on February 21, 2021)

Compatible specification ISO14001:2015
Registration document number C2018-00591
Coverage All activities about "manufacturing management of key ring, chain-formed accessories containing noble metal and parts and wholesale"
Target office All five places of domestic offices
  • Head office
  • Tokyo Office
  • Nagoya Office
  • Osaka Office
  • Misato factory
Examination register Perry Johnson cash registers tola

Environmental management system (it thinking about quality to think about environment) that Daio Manufacturing thinks about

It is imminent place including reduction and energy saving of resources (copying paper) to hit on environment generally, but what Daio Manufacturing lays emphasis on most is made with structure which does not make defective article.
It becomes waste of resources of defective article itself to give defective article and will give environment load of double to remake again.
In other words, it means that activity being aware of environment leads to quality.
We want to reduce environmental load by improving quality.

We can do

If there is sense that I think, "it is a waste" at any time, lead to environmental conservation; should be able to be active.
It is person after all. Feeling of "it is a waste" leads to reduction in cost and can return to customer after all.
In Daio Manufacturing, we mind consciousness charge account from usual times and we clean every day by all employee teams and discover petit "it is a waste" and we gather together and receive office class and we argue and wrestle for environmental problem happily brightly.

Towards Eco's tile Company

Imminent activity "recycling" that everybody performs. But we think that there may be closer when we think about energy put into "recycling". Continuing using it for a long time.
In Daio Manufacturing, we pay attention to main one parts with eco-design development being aware of extension of life. We promote with introduction of -Repair method that "is usable still more" in addition to conventional 3R and want to support user practicing Eco's tile.

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