• We introduce thing which got publication consent from original order product (OEM production) from customer in our section.
    We are raising products which can have permission of publication to our section now.
    As you prepare for publication privileges, please contact our sales representative in detail.
    As we go and may not publish correspondence to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) without permission either, don't worry. 
  • Japanese Broadcasting Corporation Matsue broadcasting station
    Japanese Broadcasting Corporation Matsue broadcasting station

    Neck strap of original design to distribute on Thanksgiving Day

    ■Handiwork and range: 20mm transcription neck strap, plan, production
    ■Processing method: We thermally transfer and print
    ■Use purpose, use: We use as visit souvenir on autumn Thanksgiving Day

  • TDK Corporation
    TDK Corporation

    Notebook type iPhone case of genuine leather using company original image illustration

    ■Handiwork and range: Genuine leather bare push notebook type iPhone case, plan, production
    ■Processing method: Bare push processing
    ■Use purpose, use: We distribute in exhibition

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan Tourism Agency
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Japan Tourism Agency

    It is "Japan .Endless Discovery" for distribution pin batch to visit to Japan foreigner

    ■Handiwork and range: "Japan .Endless Discovery" pin batch, production
    ■Processing method: We resin silk three colors print, surface epoxy made of brass
    ■Use purpose, use: It is for distribution to tourist

  • Toy card state
    Toy card state

    Maternity mark using collaboration illustration with Fluffy Bubool

    ■Handiwork and range: Latex rubber key ring, plan, production
    ■Processing method: PVC welder (*chaku)
    ■Use purpose, use: We distribute as company's novelty goods

  • Rabbit and CAFE
    Rabbit and CAFE

    Cafe clip which carved a seal with HP address on the back of the model push with original design on the surface

    ■Handiwork and range: Iron cafe clip, plan, production
    ■Processing method: Press working + laser marking
    ■Use purpose, use: Clip which closes tea to sell in cafe opening newly, bag of coffee

  • Cherry tree hot pot Nakae
    Cherry tree hot pot Nakae

    Pass case which we designed for "horse" and image of "cherry tree"

    ■Handiwork and range: Pass case design, production made of felt
    ■Processing method: + laser marking to sew
    ■Use purpose, use: Souvenir for customers of the 110th anniversary of the founding

  • Certain sales promotion goods production company
    Certain sales promotion goods production company

    Goods of sightseeing character of here that came out of general open call for participants.

    ■Handiwork and range: Earphone Jack mascot design, production made of latex rubber
    ■Processing method: Soft PVC molding
    ■Use purpose, use: Sightseeing fancy goods for product sales


    Official goods of derufinia music festival 2014 memory.

    ■Handiwork and range: METALART relief, plan, production
    ■Processing method: Corrosion etching processing
    ■Use purpose, use: Official goods for product sales in music festival venue

  • metorikkusu

    Novelty goods which we planned to image of watch of real outdoor specifications.

    ■Handiwork and range: Plastic bottle holder, plan, production
    ■Processing method: Aluminum pushing out molding (holder part) + sewing processing
    ■Use purpose, use: Strap for plastic bottle carrying

  • Certain advertising agency
    Certain person advertising agency

    Badge for PR of political party.

    ■Handiwork and range: Pin badge, block copy data making, production
    ■Processing method: Press molding + print processing
    ■Use purpose, use: Pin badge for PR to use by public information of political party

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